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Communications Equipment for Extreme Environments

Professional radio & mobile accessories


Savox’s original and globally accepted, heavy duty, high quality, time-tested and reliable audio accessory line for traditional two-way radios utilizing analogue technology.

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Savox’s Next Generation product line with superior audio technology, LOUD N' CLEAR®. Designed specifically for use with digital two-way radio communications in today’s extreme working environments, allowing for easy end user features and capabilities customization. 

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Savox’s progressive line of wired and wireless accessories for mobile devices, such as feature phones, smartphones, tablets, and other LTE / 4G platforms. An affordable way for a variety of professional industries to increase communications and efficiency.

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Rescue & safety systems


Designed for search/rescue operations and communication when human entry is impossible

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Seismic/acoustic listening devices used to detect and locate live trapped victims

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Is the incident commander’s eyes and ears inside the Hotzone

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Designed for use within confined spaces when communication is critical

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