Team communication

For professional teams

Safety, efficiency and team feeling

Professionals working in various industrial sectors can improve their safety and maximize their efficiency by forming reliable team communications. For decades, two-way radios have served as the main professional communications devices and they are still used my millions around the globe. A newer technology, Push to Talk Over Cellular (POC) is gaining ground and popularity as professionals have started increasing their use of smartphones and other LTE devices for their professional operations.

In addition to the traditional Savox radio accessories, Savox also provides a line of progressive line of wired and wireless accessories for mobile devices. The Savox Promate line offers an affordable way for a variety of professionals in different industrial sectors to improve their communications and stay connected to other team members.

Savox provides suitable team communications accessories for professionals working in the following industries and applications:

  • Logistics and transportation
  • Hospitality
  • Public and private utilities
  • Security professionals
  • Crowd control
  • Retail

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