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Battlefield communications systems for modern military applications

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Savox Defense. Always prepared. Never alone.

On the battlefields of the future, you need agile gear that’s always ready for action. And you need low, predictable lifetime costs. We make high performance and high flexibility tactical communications equipment. We make sure your troops are always ready and always connected. And we deliver on time and on budget.

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Dismount Soldier Systems


Our battlefield communications systems for ground troops ensure no warrior is ever alone. Savox tactical comms equipment makes soldiers more efficient in rapid, hybrid deployments and special operations.

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Mounted land comms

Mounted land comms

We make command, control and communications systems for APCs, B-fleets, light tactical vehicles and retrofits. Our IMP system is different because it’s software-defined, compact, low power and easy to adapt to changing scenarios.

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Mounted Naval Comms

Mounted naval comms

Savox marine comms systems are scalable for easy installation on ribs, landing craft, coastal defense, auxiliary, support and combat vessels. Our systems are small-footprint, modular, and interoperable for crews and landing parties.

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The right tactical comms equipment
for every warrior

We believe that understanding the soldier and seaman in rapidly changing operating
environments is key to command and control.

For commanders

In theatre, you need tactical communications that support combat multipliers, and enable rapid deployment, unconventional missions and synchronized operations.

Our mounted, dismounted, land and naval tactical comms are interoperable and easy to adapt from mission to mission.

For acquisition officers

In procurement, you need to streamline acquisition, manage costs and pass network integration evaluation.

Our aim is to eliminate the need for expensive integrations and remove the barriers to retrofits and reuse.

Our solutions cut maintenance footprints, downtime and lifetime costs.

High-performance, COTS-based tactical comms

We design high spec gear with a COTS-plus approach. We use Commercial-Of-The-Shelf components that meet exacting military criteria, and we apply rigorous system testing.




The most flexible tactical headgear system. Always ready for rapid deployments.

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We deliver on time and on budget

Savox has over 30 years of experience in radio communications solutions for hostile environments. We are not the biggest player. But, we are the best at delivering on time and on budget. Our COTS-based tactical headgear has been deployed, on time, in 14 countries and by UN forces.