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Savox IMP C4i for mounted troops

Intercom, radio and high-speed data in a lightweight modular system

Welcome to the next-generation, C4i-capable digital communications platform. Savox IMP supports radio and data transmissions in one compact and unified solution. It’s a modular system designed for all mounted land-based deployments, from Light Tactical Vehicles to Main Battle Tanks, as well as for maritime vessels.

Unique on-man PCU.
Your troops will never be alone

Each crewmember on an IMP-installed platform has their own wearable Personal Communications Unit (PCU). This provides full connectivity to the IMP network and instant access to communications, both inside the vehicle, as well as outside into the wider tactical radio network and expeditionary comms.

For the battlefields of the future

We believe the modern military requires tactical comms that can adapt to changing operational and technical requirements, without unacceptable costs or downtime.

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Savox IMP Savox IMP – the IP Mobile Platform for mounted troops


  • Savox IMP is based on open architecture 100-megabit Ethernet LAN for rapid integration with third party systems.


  • Savox IMP is fully compatible with different military and civilian radio systems, including IP-based, non-IP-based, simplex, duplex, multi-channel etc. and enables secure frequency hopping.


  • Size matters. Video displays are taking up more and more cabin space. All Savox IMP system sub-assemblies are compact, ergonomic and easy to install.


  • Battle management, weapons and communications systems are competing for prime locations inside every cabin. Our compact, modular designs are easy to mount and install, even in retrofits.


  • The Savox IMP PCU can be easily operated with one hand whilst wearing gloves and is reliable and effective in harsh conditions.


  • Power usage in tactical vehicles is constantly pushed to the limit by new systems, such as DAS and counter measures. IMP has a low power draw. Every watt saved is beneficial.


  • Legacy star configurations are vulnerable if the master unit is damaged or destroyed. Savox IMP systems use ring topology and on-man PCUs to preserve operational capacity.

Rapid deployment across
the entire mechanized fleet

Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTVs) 

Easy retrofits for Pinzgauer, MAN or Oshkosh-type vehicles and rapid installation and upgrades in the field. For many B-fleets, Savox IMP-CH-based systems make C4i-grade comms possible and affordable for the first time. Now, the AFVs that rely on the B-fleet for support need never be alone.

Amphibious Combat Vehicles (ACVs)

Combines voice/PTT intercom, multiple radio connections, smartphone interface and data traffic to integrate with marine systems. Savox IMP modular units are easy to retrofit in confined spaces and offer IP-67 water ingress protection.

Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs)

Savox IMP is field-proven for wheeled and tracked APC radio system deployments. IMP unifies intra and extra-vehicular command and control. Systems can be spec’d to freely combine any number of crewmembers and CNRs (Combat Net Radios).

Main Battle Tanks (MBTs)

Without reliance on a master control unit, distributed IMP systems do not suffer sudden degradation and retain combat effectiveness under battle damage. The software-defined, Ethernet-based system enables integration with e.g. warning and weapons systems.

The long-term, scalable solution
for tactical vehicle comms

Low through-life costs. Modular design. High flexibility.

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Savox IMP technical specifications

  • Maximum number of users/radios: 500
  • Operating temperature: -44°C to +77°C
  • Ingress protection: to IP67
  • Handsfree duplex wwireless intercom: to IP68
  • Standards: CE Electrical, MIL-STD-461 EMC, MIL-STD-810E
  • Low power consumption: 12-28 VDC

Savox IMP accessories

We have a comprehensive range of accessories
and modules are easy and rapid to deploy:

  • PCUs (Personal Communications Units)
  • Active hearing protection
  • Touchpads
  • Keypads
  • Routers
  • Power management units
  • Sights