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The next generation of C4i naval intercom systems

The Savox IMP unified comms platform

Effective command and control in the modern naval theatre requires the ability to adapt to rapidly changing operational requirements. Naval comms solutions need to be able to unify onshore and offshore communications and enable joint operations, as well as actions with coalition forces and non-military actors.

Clear, reliable and secure naval comms solutions

At the core of Savox IMP is a digital 100Mb Ethernet backbone. Savox has designed a compact, modular and highly scalable system. It combines voice or PTT-operated full duplex intercom, multiple radio control, and high-speed data. It ensures secure, high quality comms, and enables easy integration with legacy equipment and data-driven systems.

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Fast and intuitive multiple radio interface

The system is interoperable with over 20 different types of analogue and digital

commercial and military radio systems, including: maritime VHF, UHF, HF, TETRA, tactical military radios, SW and satcoms. IMP is Ethernet-based to enable integrations with telephone and IP public address systems, as well as with broadcast, alarm, navigation, engine management and weapons systems.

No single point of failure

Savox IMP is based on ring topology and there is no central control unit to make the system susceptible to catastrophic failure. Deployments are highly scalable. Larger vessels utilize multiple rings and on-man wearable Personal Control Units (PCUs). This design designed preserves operational effectivess, even at high speed in open water and in rough weather.

Savox IMP – the IP Mobile Platform for naval communications

Savox IMP

  • Naval, amphibious and mounted land applications
  • C4i-enabling modular system
  • Intercom, radio and high-speed data
  • Ethernet-based backbone
  • Compact “on-man” PCU
  • COTs-based components

Through-life costs – the key questions

With Savox IMP we answered the questions put forward
by naval commanders and procurement specialists around the world:
  • Is the system hardware-specific, or software-defined?
  • Can it be upgraded to allow technology insertions?
  • Can you make configuration changes easily on the fly?
  • Can it be adapted to changing operational scenarios?
  • What is the system’s obsolescence policy and how is it managed?

The long-term solution for modern naval tactical comms

Low through-life costs. High flexibility.

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For all tactical marine communications applications

Savox IMP systems have been newly installed or retrofitted to military and civilian vessels of all sizes:

  • Large warships
  • Patrol boats and lifeboats
  • Amphibious and landing craft
  • Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs)
  • Auxiliaries and support vessels
  • Submarines

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Be prepared for rapidly changing operational requirements

The modern military requires technologically advanced cross-platform solutions that deliver maximum combat efficiency and lifetime value. Savox tactical military comms gear has been deployed, on time, in 14 countries and by UN forces. We have over 30 years of experience in comms solutions for the most challenging environments. We believe we are the best at delivering on time and on budget.