Thor tactical headgear

The Savox tactical headgear system
 for the ever-changing battlefield


The most advanced combat headgear system designed for the modern military.
Your warriors will never be alone.

  • High performance ballistic protection with ultimate comfort and stability
  • Integrated communications, sensors, data routing, power and NVG
  • Seamless multi-radio and intercom platform connectivity
  • Modular and easy to customize and accessorize with wide compatibility


THOR tactical headgear


Flexadjust® technology for mounting and positioning of NVG goggles, hearing protection cups and other accessories – with multi-axis and multi-leverage fixation points for a comfortable, personalized fit.


Flexpower® power distribution for all attached sensors and communication devices – with an internal power supply for helmet systems and power management capabilities for bigger external power packs.


Flexrail® has an open USB interface for third party accessories, such as sensors, night vision goggles, lights and cameras – and easy mounting for existing Picatinny rail accessories.


With a combination of fast ratchet-type, chinstrap, and protective platform adjustment options, Flexfix® ensures a comfortable fit for every individual warrior – regardless of head shape or size – under all operational requirements.


Flexnet® provides internal sensor data routing and connections to external data routers and radios.

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THOR® features


  • Boltless design for highest possible protection
  • Stops a 9 mm 8.0 g/124 gr. FMJ bullet at 430 m/s
  • Exceeds Level II protection requirements of NIJ Standard 0106.01 for ballistic helmets
  • Level III-A protection according to NIJ Standard 0108.01 for Ballistic Resistant Protective Materials
  • Protection performance against fragments: STANAG 2920 V50 > 580 m/s. backface deformation < 25 mm


  • Seamless connectivity for tactical radios and intercom systems
  • Built-in capability for simultaneous audio and data transfer needs considered in system architecture.
  • Integrated ear speakers, support for binaural audio
  • Noise cancelling boom microphone and bone conductive skull microphone options
  • Simultaneous multi-radio connectivity and control 


  • Dependable protection against battlefield noise
  • Three-position mounting system for easy ventilation without removing the helmet or losing communications
  • Hear through feature with stereo microphones for improved situational awareness
  • Adjustable amplification of ambient sounds with limitation of maximum sound pressure
  • Complies with EN 352


  • Wide 60° field of view
  • Mounting mechanism for individual use of either one or both goggles
  • Reduced weight (no counterweights needed)
  • Innovative low stove position for increased stability and reduced fatigue
  • Integrated IR illuminator


  • Direct compatibility with rail mounted accessories made to MIL-STD-1913 and STANAG 4694 standards
  • Powered rails for controlling attached accessories by integrated user interface buttons
  • Rails machined out of aluminum and hard anodized for durability

The THOR tactical headgear system is thoroughly tested 

  • MIL-STD-810G resistance against environmental effects
  • MIL-STD-461F resistance against electric effects
  • EMP and EN-397 shock absorption tests against mechanical threats
  • Battlefield noise protection verified to EN352-3, EN 352-4, EN352-6
  • Exceeds Level II requirements of the NIJ Standard 0106.01 for ballistic helmets and offers Level III-A protection according to NIJ Standard 0108.01
  • Direct compatibility with MIL-STD-1913 and STANAG 4694 accessories standards
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The story of THOR tactical headgear

Development of THOR was sparked by the needs of the advanced FDF Finnish Future Warrior 2020 Programme. We were able to learn from all the other global initiatives underway, including: French FÉLIN, German IdZ, Norwegian NORMANS, Swedish MARKUS, FIST in the UK, and the US Army FFW programme, part of the broader Future Combat Systems Project.


THOR is the best of the best

We studied and benchmarked the most important aspects of each. And we created the most capable, sophisticated, versatile and cost-effective combat headgear on the market. After exhaustive field and usability testing, the Finnish FDF became the first customer for the Tactical Headgear system for changing Operational Requirements – THOR.

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