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Since inventing the first integrated breathing mask accessory back in 1982, Savox communication accessories have been used by countless of fire fighters and other fire and rescue personnel across the globe.

We help to make the toughest operations safer by providing reliable communication in environments where communication can be the difference between life and death. Our rugged products have been designed and built to last the demanding working conditions.

solas - are you compliant?

Intrinsically Safe Products for Safety of Life at Sea Requirements


As experts of intrinsically safe products, Savox provides radio accessories that meet the SOLAS requirements. The resolution adopted by the Maritime Committee regulates the firefighting equipment onboard of ships and vessel and dictates the required minimum number of two-way radios onboard.

To read more about Savox accessories for SOLAS or to download the brochure, please check here.

Savox Fire and Rescue Products

C-C1 Remote Speaker Microphone

Remote Speaker Microphones

Savox provides remote speaker microphones for various uses, portfolio includes the bestsellers like the Savox C-C500 and the Savox C-C550.


Push to Talks

The Savox PTTs are well recognized in the market as they have been used by fire and emergency professionals for decades.The Savox C-C440 is available as Ex version for potentially explosive environments.

HC-1 helmet com


The Savox portfolio includes a variety of headsets, you can choose the right one for the job from helmet worn headsets to throat or boom microphones.

C-C500 Ex

Intrinsically Safe

Several Savox products are available as Ex approved models for potentially explosive environments

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