When Human Entry is not possible

Field proven equipment for saving lives after disasters

for urban search and rescue missions

Designed for Confined Spaces

Savox search and rescue equipment are designed for urban rescue missions. These field proven equipment will aid in detecting, locating and communicating with victims trapped in confined spaces like collapsed buildings. The Savox search and rescue equipment Is designed for urban search and rescue (USAR) teams to improve chances for saving lives. Solutions are rapidly deployable anywhere a disaster strikes.


  • Collapsed structures caused by earthquakes
  • Explosions
  • Landslides
  • Mine disasters or cave-ins

Search and Rescue Products

SearchCam 3000

Search Cameras

Search cameras are designed to locate trapped people in collapsed buildings and conduct under water inspections.

Savox Delsar

Life Detectors

The Savox life detector portfolio includes the field proven equipment like the Savox Delsar, used by rescue teams around the world

victim locater kit

Comms and Rescue equipment

The Savox communition and rescue kits are designed for locating victims and establishing communications

For Confined spaces

The Savox Search and Rescue portfolio includes products that are designed for confined spaces. A variety of kits are available to suit different user requirements and environments.

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