Mobility and compatibility

Soldier as an integrated part of data systems

Savox solutions for dismounted troops

Meeting Unknown Challenges

To meet the unknown challenges of the modern battlefield, systems and equipment used need to be flexible and upgradeable to enable us to continue shorten the decision cycles and outmanoeuvre the enemy with decisive and rapid action. 

Mission success factors

The Savox Dismounted System integrates combat troops into the Data Enabled battlefield. This enables them to meet the challenges of modern operations that require greater speed and agility of decision making, with direct access to information. The improved situational awareness provides the competitive advantage to outwit, outperform and win any operation.

In research and development, we have used the following prerequisites:

  • Teams need to have the means for efficient and effective real time communications within and outside of the platform. The commanders need to reach troops reliably and to exchange information with ease.
  • Ability of joint operations between different branches and units is more important than ever. This sets higher requirements for interoperability for performing in multi-dimensional operational situations.
  • The need for mobility calls for ease-of-customize, modular equipment so that unnecessary paraphernalia will not slow the troops down.
  • Seamless compatibility and connectivity with a wide range of equipment such as tactical radios, helmet systems and battle management systems is vital.

The Savox Dismounted Soldier Solution

  • IMP command & control system with high-speed data network capability
  • Soldier Computer Core for signal management and routing purposes, and for running applications
  • A data terminal which links together all data regardless of the operational scenario, platform, role, mission or the service branch 
  • Seamless system integration capability for equipment such as:
Personal communications equipment
Helmet systems
Active hearing protection
Terminals (Touchpads, Keypads, PDAs, Laptops, Wrist worn)
Tactical routers
Battle Management Systems
Portable power management systems
Weapon sights
  • A unified hardware and software architecture that makes maintenance, training as well as life cycle upgrades and technology insertions simple and economical


Choosing the right C3 system -whitepaper

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