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Cost effective scalability

Versatile and battle damage resilient solutions

The Savox Imp Command and Control System

The design brief for the new Savox IMP command and control system was simple: Create a versatile, software defined system that incorporated Ease-of-Use, Battle Damage Resilience with the inherent ability to be upgraded to meet changing Operational Scenarios

The software-defined architecture of IMP ensures that changes in requirements can be met by a software update without the need to modify hardware or replace the complete system. The architecture also allows for technology insertions and tailoring system to meet the varying requirements of land platforms. The Savox IMP is a software dependent system utilizing no special components or processors in the hardware platform.

IMP modules are independent intercom systems on tehir own right, with no master controller or centralization of key electronic functions. Working in cooperative group, IMP modules have a high degree of resilience to damage, which includes ring topography for Ethernet and power.

Loss of communications modules will result in graceful degradation, not system failure. Loss of single system highway cable or Ethernet port will not affect the system communications



The Savox Vision System

The Savox Vision System is an overall solution for your vehicle camera system. The system is easily scalable from a simple camera solution to a versatile camera system - all according to user requirements.The system consists of a matrix switch, displays, image sensors and peripheral devices.

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