for demanding conditions

Modular and Scalable Comms for vessels

From smaller crafts to larger vessels

The Savox IMP Command Control systems offers an easy to use and install option for maritime applications. The system is easily scalable for small marine crafts as well as larger vessels with several decks.The Savox IMP is a next-generation, lightweight, digital communication system that supports intercom, radio and data transmission in one solution. At its core is a digital Ethernet backbone providing a high-capacity voice and data throughout on the installed platform.


When choosing a command and control system, make sure that that

  • It is easy to use
  • It will support your operations now and in the future
  • It is a battle damage resilient
  • It can be used on a wide range of vehicles/crafts and platforms
  • Troops can be trained effectively
  • It is unrestricted in the number of users/radios it can support
  • It is software defined

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