Savox story

Founded in 1982, Savox Communications started as a family-owned small engineering company that had a mission to solve the communication problem smoke divers had. Since inventing that first integrated radio accessory and 35 years later the company has developed into a global provider of communication solutions for safety and security, defense and industrial markets. The core mission of the company has remained the same throughout the years: to save lives by providing the best communication solutions for professional working in demanding environments. The Savox name can be abbreviated from two alternative word combinations: originally it abbreviated from the Finnish word “savu” (meaning smoke) and the Latin word “vox” (meaning sound) as the first products were invented for smoke divers. When the company sales went global, the more appropriate abbreviation came from words “safety” and “vox”, the sound of safety.

Since the origins and working mostly with fire fighters, the company has built its expertise and knowledge around the requirements of other professionals working in harsh and demanding, even hazardous, environments, intrinsically safe products being one of the specialities of the company.  The focus of the products was and still is the requirements of the end-user. The products are developed around the user needs and environments, always aiming for the innovative and end -user driven solution. In addition to Savox® products, Savox´s competence and skills in communication equipment has been utilized by other companies as Savox also provides R&D and manufacturing services for partners.

From radio accessories for fire and emergency services, the company expanded into accessories for the police and security as well as the military. The defense and the tactical sector turned out to be a good match for the demanding conditions communication experts. The modern battlefields and the special operations require great speed and agility with direct access to information, situational awareness and passage of information being the key to success. Savox´s C3I and other communication solutions for the tactical sector have gained recognition in the market and has made Savox a specialist in the mounted and dismounted soldier systems.

When saving lives as the guideline, it was logical that Savox´s portfolio was expanded to other life-saving products. With the acquisition of Con-Space Communications, the Savox portfolio extended to search and rescue products used in confined spaces. The Savox USAR (urban search and rescue) products are designed to locate and help save victims after natural disasters and catastrophes and special operations. The products complement the product portfolio and allow Savox to cater to a wide range of professionals.

The product and service portfolio was further extended and strengthened with the acquisition of Control Express Finland (CEF) in the spring of 2017. CEF is a Finnish company which had grown into the leading Nordic manufacturer of industrial and security computers since its establishment in 1993. In addition to the rugged computers and displays, the CEF portfolio includes monitoring and sensor systems and mechanics products like the sandwich panel technology. The addition of CEF products and services ensured the range of Savox offering is unbeatable when it comes to products used in demanding environments.

After 36 years of growth into a major player in the communications market, Savox is still focused in creating reliable yet state-of-the-art communication solutions for a wide range of professionals.  With three manufacturing facilities and offices in Finland, United Kingdom, USA, China and Germany, Savox nowadays has a global presence and a recognized communications brand. The unique combination of in-house design, engineering and manufacturing facilities combined with drive for high quality makes Savox an attractive partner in the communications market.

The future for Savox Communications looks bright; the company continues to grow and strengthen its portfolio of products and services. The focus is still on providing the best possible communication solutions to satisfied customers across the globe.